What is happening in ACGCET?
The hostel issue – full report


It’s one of those things that happen very frequently in our hostels, but today the issue got some new attention. The maidservant had been caught red-handed for having looted groceries in the girls’ hostel. This issue can be kept in a back seat, as it happens in every government sector and it is a nationwide malady.
There is more to be discussed and more to be unearthed. These small foodstuffs matter nothing in front of the real scams that happen notoriously in hostels.

What if the scams scale up and if the higher officials who have to persecute such lootings are themselves involved, directly or indirectly!

Ado, mess bills are tallied with no veritable notions. Representatives of hostels are treated irreverently.

The scavengers and workers have been used for their personal uses (said by one of such worker!). The hostel administration has become too flagrant to repair.

They are clearly mortifying the whole administration and the worst part is that though everyone knows it, the issue remains as a taboo, making the entire situation hard to deal with.

To quantify, bananas and eggs have been billed with very high price than it should be. The quality of the food for the amount paid is somewhat okay, but, the rations that have been provided are not at all used for a balanced meal.

Students were not served with food last night and this morning.
Students of the final year have met our principal and discussed about the issues formally. He has assured that proper steps will be taken.
The demand from the students is, either the officials should be enquired or the food administration should be outsourced to any private organizations. The main demand from the final year students is that they have no faith on the post of hostel superintendent and they don’t want such kind of post in our hostel administration hereafter.

For the first time, students have come to the streets for their own rights. The administration should hearken to students’ voices, at least now, after all these quagmires.




The traffic signal smiled red. My thoughts revved more than my bike did. I had an acute problem. My girlfriend had blocked me in Whatsapp and I had agonized enough to think, there would be no life, anymore. The descending every second of the traffic signal irked me. A small boy, perfectly casted to beseech, approached me and stretched his hand. “No change”, I yelled, “Get away from here”. Almost everyone said the same. He was somewhat disappointed but it lasted for a minute. He joined hands with his boys and they were laughing all the way.Their emaciated physique evidenced their economy. Perhaps, they would have raised nothing for that day to eat. I could not encounter, how this much laughter took hold in that petty starving stomachs. It was incredibly anomalous. Ahem! I had a life churning problem, man!!!

My girlfriend blocked me. No life anymore!

The discovery of the first Pharoah!!

A long time ago, there lived a Frenchman who was more addicted to ‘The Land of mysteries’. Yeah, that’s right! It was Egypt, the country which even the gods loved!! His dream came true when he was nineteen and moved to Egypt and tried to show off his archeological abilities. He was a mere clerk working at the tourism office and he had a little menace with the tourists and got fired. For two years he did odd jobs to feed himself. He was given a chance to prove himself in 1909 through Lord Carnarvon who funded him. After several years of fruitless work, he was tired and the Lord had given up every ounce of his patience. He was given the deadline of a few months and on November 4, 1922, he struck gold!!! He found the grave of the Pharoah, ‘Tutankhamun’.

The wooden temple was completely filled with golden plates. The Pharaoh’s beautiful ornaments, clothes, mirror and over 5000 things were found by him. This milestone in history was set by none other than the great archaeologist, Howard Carter!!!

A Playful Paradise!!


Heart of Europe and the Pearl of Danube… Yeah, that’s right! Budapest!!! Starting from the Andraśsy ùt to 233 museums and the Hero’s square dominated by the millenary monument, everything here makes it a must-go place in a lifetime!! With the scrumptious Hungarian cuisine, Sziget music festival and the biennial Budapest Fashion week, it is not a big surprise that over 4.4 million international tourists visit Budapest every year. If you are interested in sports, never forget that the 2024 Olympic Games are to be conducted here. This capital of spas and thermal baths is the best place to unwind and put your feet up. Now that being said, be smart and definitely visit Budapest and get ready to brag to your friends for being to one of the most awe-inspiring cities in the world!!!!


Is there any door to enter the hell which could be knocked down as and when needed? Of course, the heading itself could make your belly giggle. Darvaza crater is a place of fireballs and flame pits sitting at the heart of Turkmenistan’s Karakum desert. It was nicknamed as “The door to hell” by the local patronage. This huge hole of fire has been burning for about 40 years due to the ejection of methane from the ground at high pressure. It is a man-made faux pas as a result of a Soviet gas drilling accident. Yet no one holds the official record.


The flames generate a golden glow which can be perceived even miles away from the Caspian Sea. Do you think this place is open to all visitors in general? The answer would be absolute yes. Once you get there, you can walk over to the edge of fire spitting volcano and jump right in, if you want. The choice is yours. Every little lick of flame sounds like a roaring Kaplan turbine. Along with the discovery of earth’s most inhospitable places, the door to hell has an out of world tinge to its essence.



Deep down in the abyss of heart, a voice yells which gets faded many a time without drawing much attention. The voice that missed its pitch, the voice that waned away; shrouded under the frivolous mask, fervently longs for the serenity, which gets unfolded only in the later part of our life. And perhaps, neither could we fulfill its demand nor regret for the hectic lifestyle we have chosen to live.

Life casts a morose face over us; almost sporadic. Many times it is hard to get out of the situation that besieges us with all vigor. Life has appointed someone to stab us at our back. A new problem, every day, to scrutinize my resilience. I can’t outrun the problems forever. And almost I go ruffled up.

There is dime a dozen such complaints and everything is cliché. Moreover, these are ubiquitous. Perhaps, a passé. Complaining the way life paces is nothing more than an innocuous act of trying to shift the burden on someone else’s shoulder. Life is not about escaping, man. It is to be lived. In which difficulties are peppered to make it more piquant.

The acute problem is not how we face these problems; it is where we lost our serenity. Serenity and tenacity go hand in hand. Experience the appeasement in the voice from your own chasm. And for that, you don’t need anyone abut you.

You need not have to be religious or spell cleric mantras to be austere. We are experiencing this haywire hectic life just for a century. But we are titillated by the tradition of awesomeness and inner austerity, erstwhile, for millions and millions of years. The only thing that’s left undone and the need of the hour is to unfold our ability to accept debacles and invincible enough to accept failures.

The mind of equanimity holds much power, isn’t it?

Try these things to unleash the tranquility of life (partially inspired from Robin Sharma’s books)

Believe that you are happy. Smile as much you can 

    Whelm the power of nature. Nature is the only healer with no terms and conditions.

   Get away from mobile phones when you are suppressed. More you deject yourself from the external world, more perspicuous life becomes.

   Busy yourself with creative activities. You become more vulnerable when you are in a void with your problems.

   Get titillated even for simple things. Even a small rose and pulp at the end of drink could excite you if you allow them.

Life is not a labyrinth path as it is averred. It is nothing but a child’s play. ‡‡‡Make it simple and enjoy its progress!

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